What to pack when riding

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There's two basic schools of thought:

ride light (and wish you had more supplies but enjoy the freedom of low weight)
ride prepared (and regret taking on so much weight but feel ready for any problem that comes along).

No matter how you like to ride, it seems almost everyone agrees that two water bottle cages (물통케이지) attached to the frame are essential.

Here are some additional options that are available:

Saddle Bags 
- less than 10000 KRW
- cheap and ubiquitous
- can carry the bare essentials (multitool, cash, patches, phone)

Smart Phone Case
(스마트폰 거치대, 가방)
- 10000 - 20000 KRW
- touch screen enabled
- can carry earphones, cash, and stamp book

Pannier / Travel Bag
(패니어, 여행가방)
- 25000 - 80000 KRW
- pack as much as you can carry
- extra rear weight changes your bike's handling but keeps you prepared for just about anything
- essential for randonneuring and long distance bike touring

Backpacking Bag
(자전거 배낭)
- 20000 - 100000 KRW
- keeps the weight on you instead of your bike
- can supplement a pannier


Final thoughts

I tend to pack heavy because I like to have as much on me just in case. I'm that guy. Some people would rather strap on a backpack and keep their frame light. Others use only a saddle bag, their jersey pockets, and a credit card to get by. Remember that bicycle jerseys have three pockets to store food if you don't like to ride with a commuter bag, pannier, or backpack.

Ideally, meals are purchased from proper restaurants (식당) along the trail if available or from convenient stores (편의점) if nothing else is available. Everything in between is up to you. In addition to spare parts, tubes, tools, and first aid, I always bring a piece of fresh fruit with me when I ride.

(pictured above: my snack, coffee, and tea stash for a four day ride)

Finally, as always, GCN has some good tips on the subject: