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Braggadocios web/phone app for bicycle riders. Strava is a great way to motivate yourself and your buddies. Join challenges, map your ride, meet other riders, give kudos, and try for the King (or Queen) of the Mountain award for local bike trails. This has been an integral part of motivating myself to ride. When I see my friends log in time on their bikes, it gives me a positive push to get back on. Plus, those monthly Gran Fondo challenges are really enticing.

  1. your smartphone/iPhone or a GPS device for your bike
  2. Strava app (free)
  3. access (free)

I actually use both my smartphone (for short commutes) and a GPS (touring and day rides). The arguably most popular brand is the Garmin Edge series. I have a barebones model that I like really like. Minimal display, $120 price tag, and a 14 hour battery life.

Compared to MapMyRide, Strava has more active riders, groups, and free features that I like. Plus, it seems to work a lot better here in Korea. Feel free to follow me to see just how out of shape I really am.